101 Reasons 

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101 Reasons Why I Love Tiffany!
(Not in any particular order ;-)

1. She’s a beautiful young Lady

2. She’s even more beautiful on the inside

3. She’s a Godly person

4. She prays for me

5. She has a heart for God

6. She knows how to sew

7. She likes to give to others (time, love etc.)

8. She likes music

9. She plays the paino

10. She can play REALLY well

11. She loves her sisters

12. She loves her mom, too

13. She dresses modestly

14. She acts appropriately

15. She listens to me even when she has nooo idea what I'm talking about

16. She's fun to be with

17. She likes to have fun

18. She doesn't obsess over her appearance

19. But she always manages to look stunning no matter what!

20. She likes to make others feel good

21. She has gorgeous eyes

22. She’s my biggest fan

23. She likes my weird dreams

24. She cares about the elderly

25. She loves her friends

26. She makes me feel better just being with her

27. She encourages me

28. She makes me laugh

29. She knows what I like

30. She tells me what she likes

31. She laughs at me

32. She has a cute laugh

33. She has a beautiful smile

34. She doesn’t mind when it rains

35. She has a beautiful voice

36. She loves to praise God

37. She’s warm

38. She’s my princess

39. She’s strong when I’m weak

40. She forgives my faults

41. She looks for the positive

42. She has a crazy side

43. She brings out the best in me

44. She loves children

45. She loves to work with children

46. She wants to have children

47. She knows how to teach children

48. She likes to sing

49. She likes to talk to me

50. She likes to be with me

51. She's a wonderful piano player

52. She likes computers

53. She knows how to use them too

54. She doesn’t know enough that she doesn’t need my help

55. She can draw REALLY well

56. She plays the cello very good

57. She always smells good

58. She's shorter than me

59. She has cute sisters

60. She plays piano for the Lord

61. She teaches piano

62. She puts up with my antics

63. She doesn't criticize me when I'm wrong

64. She knows the importance of saving

65. She doesn't waste

66. She looks for the bargains

67. She wants to marry me (DUUUH ;-)

68. She looks deep into my eyes

69. She tells me things that are special to her

70. She makes me feel special

71. She loves babies

72. She’s good at taking care of them

73. She doesn’t mind holding them a long time

74. She loves serving others

75. She thinks of others' needs

76. She knows how to plan

77. She sends me pictures of herself

78. She talks to me about the future

79. She knows how to cook

80. She knows how to clean

81. She's not afraid to get dirty

82. She likes gardening

83. She doesn't freak out over a bug

84. She can be quiet when she needs to be

85. She can be loud and playful too

86. She looks good no matter what she does with her hair

87. She wears nice jewelry

88. She doesn't wear gaudy or faddish jewelry

89. She walks kinda funny

90. She's just wonderful

91. She likes me to hold my hand

92. She has a twinkle in her smile

93. She has Godly character

94. She’s kind

95. She loves chocolate

96. She sits close to me

97. She’s charming

98. She shows her love

99. She’s my best friend

100. She makes me feel special

101. She loves me